Bolognese Northwest

We are breeders of Bolognese dogs, a wonderful small white fluffy dog that is calm, non-shedding, odorless, and to most, allergy free. Our dogs are carefully selected for temperament, beauty, health, and companionship. They have champion lines and are full members in our home, well socialized by kids, neighbors, and friends. In our opinion, they are the perfect dog for the northwest, or condo and apartment living. They require minimal exercise, are content to sit on your lap or follow you from room to room, and will give you a life time of love, enjoyment and companionship. They are smart, inquisitive, and adapt to your lifestyle and will even help lower your blood pressure.

We are accredited Bolognese breeders and take our breeding program seriously…our dogs are CERF’d and patella checked annually. Our Bolognese dogs are registered with the Bolognese Breed Association of America. As a family breeder, our females have only one litter a year.


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